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The covered pit area is fully equipped with tables, chairs, electric power and fans for those hot summer days.

Four flight boxes are centered on the side-by-side paved and grass runways.

Eagle field is located on an active cattle ranch with over 100 acres of flyover with very few obstructions.

Club members have a wide variety of flying interests including; sport, jet, scale, electric, pattern and big birds.

Helicopters can fly in the dedicated hover area or fly the pattern with fixed wing aircraft.

The Warbirds Over Texas event features over 200 aircraft from around the region.

Upcoming Activities

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Annual Events


Date Pending 

Float Fly
Float Fly

    April 28, 2018  

Warbirds Over TX
Warbirds Over TX

June 8-9, 2018  

Scout/Youth Days
Scout/Youth Days

Date Pending

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Club News

Membership Renewal Time
It is once again time to renew both your AMA and club membership for next year.  Keep in mind that your 2017 flying privileges ... More info...

Meeting Minutes

January 2018 Meeting Minutes
Meeting Notes were amended 1-22-2018.    1)Approval of rule changes was made clearer to minimize confusion.   2) A question ... More info...