YAK 52 Quarterly Raffle Prize

The first quarter raffle prize is a Seagull Models YAK 52 ARF.  Qualifying raffle tickets can be purchased at the January, February and March meetings.  The winner will be drawn at the March meeting.


Wing span ----------------------------63.4in (161cm).

Wing area (44.5sq dm).

Weight ------------------------9.3-10.1lbs (4.2-4.6kg).

Length ------------------------------51.7in (131.3cm).

Engine ------------------ ---------2-stroke. ---------4-stroke.

Radio -------------------6 channels with 8 servos.

Retracts landing gear (included).

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Freewing P51 Electric

Dale O'Daniel presented his Freewing P51 electric at the January meeting.  He was happy with this Plug-N-Play model, but there was some attention to detail lacking.  The pilot name stickers below the cockpit were mounted upside down and the sequenced main gear were programmed to retract the wheels after the gear door was already shut!  This model is equipped with a two speaker sound system to emulate the roar of an engine, but it continues to play for a short time after the propeller has stopped rotating.

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Schneider Trophy Racer

Ed Nogar presented his scratch-built Schneider Trophy Racer at the January meeting.  It has been test flown from land without the floats and he is looking forward to the maiden voyage off water. The aircraft is powered by an OS 95 glow engine, which some questioned as a bit overpowering for the size.  Ed pointed out that you can always throttle back!

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New Gate Combination Lock

The club has been using a key lock to chain the main gate of Eagle Field for several years.  There are now many keys in circulation that are no longer in the possession of an active club member.  The key lock will be replaced with a combination lock in early 2014 to eliminate the expense associated with mailing new keys to all of the members.  Instead, the combination will be e-mailed to all 2014 members on the active roster in January.  The tumblers on the lock must be positioned along the black line that is slightly offset from center (see photo).  This is a little different than some locks that line up flush with the bottom of the lock.  The same combination will also open the lock to the medical supply cabinet.

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Fall Youth Day 2013

Normally we have a fall Scouts day in late October, but due to a date conflict, the scouts were not available this year, so we decided to have a "Youth Day" and invite members' kids, grandkids, friends of members with kids, etc. I am happy to report that we had 20+ kids and approximately 30 adults attend our Youth Day event last Saturday.

We had 3 Flight Simulators running and they were busy from 10am through 2pm. Needless to say, many of the kids quickly mastered the Flt Sim. trainers and moved on to more advance aircraft and helicopters.

Our 2 Club Trainer aircraft also got a good workout. Unfortunately one of the trainers crashed, but we had a backup ship that was quickly deployed. The wind conditions (10-15mph) kept our trainer pilots on their toes, but basically all the kids (and a few visiting adults) got at least one turn on the buddy box.

Once again, Dr. Bruce came through with tasty hot dogs, chips and sodas. My wife made chocolate cup cakes, so I am pleased to report that no one left hungry!

During lunch, we had 10 demo flights for the crowd including an a 3D helicopter, several war birds, a fast electric turbine and various aerobatic flights (one with smoke).

At the end of the event a significant number of kids and adults took the time to express their appreciate for the opportunity to spend a great day at Eagle Field.

Special thanks to the following members for your support in making this event successful. You guys make my job easy!

Bruce Lakatos

Ken Sienski

James Phipps

Ivan Shomer

Joe Tykodi

Woody Woods

Billy Slater

Jim Williams

Dale O'Daniels

Nick Bierner

Dave Schaeffer

Gordon Guillory


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