April 2014 Minutes

NDRCC Meeting Minutes for April 2014


The April 2014 meeting of the North Dallas R/C Club was called to order by Don Hafer on April 17, 2014.

Previous month’s minutes were approved as posted on the website.  


PRESIDENT'S REPORT-  Don Hafer.  Nothing to report other than John Reed reported that Member Lou Montanero is doing fine.

SECRETARY – Bruce Lakatos.   Nothing to report.  A selection of AMA rules was read.  

VICE PRESIDENT – Charles Shafer.  Charles reviewed the schedule for the upcoming warbird event.  Charles also reviewed the proposed budget for the warbird event.  

TREASURER/MEMBERSHIP – Charlie Pyne gave a detailed presentation of the financial status of the club.  A motion to accept treasurer's report passed.    

SAFETY- Dave Schaefer.  No safety issues.  Dave did mention the need to keep an eye on new members who are not familiar with our field procedures. 

FIELD –  Dave Schaefer.  Field looks good.  

SOUND-  Billy Slater. No issues.  All Quiet.

TRAINING – Jim Williams and Dale O'Daniel- No training issues to report this month.

WEBMASTER –  Ken Sienksi.  Ken's website is still a hit. Ken had nothing else to report.

FACEBOOK- Josh Kleen.  All going well.      

CD REPORTS –  John Grubbs reported that the indoor flying is still successful.  Indoor flying is still the 2nd and 4th Thursdays, which will change to once a month for the months of June, July and August.  John Reported that the VVCC Youth Day was a success with 14 kids present with Dave Schaefer and Woody Woodson conducting ground school.  Also thanks to Bruce Lakatos for a great lunch.  John also noted that the float fly will be held 4/26/14 at Hidden Cove Park with a pilot meeting at 9 am.  Ed Kettler gave a brief review of the upcoming Warbird event and the new changes that will be in place.  Also note that the May meeting will be held at the field.  Ed Kettler also reminded us of the event at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum May 17-18.

OLD BUSINESS-  The Ford tractor has been  donated to Aubrey High School Industrial Arts program.  We have completed the road gravel project with additional gravel to be added hopefully before the warbird event.  We are looking into the idea of having pilots where their AMA card clipped to their clothing.  This may require a rule change in the future.

NEW BUSINESS -  New member Scott Brkovich will look into having shirts made for the Warbird event.


SHOW and TELL – Ed Kettler showed his wing from his warbird project.  Billy Slater showed is recent Northstar mods.

RAFFLE-  Jaques Parker conducted the monthly raffle.  The quarterly prize is a DLE 30 gas engine.

PROGRAM -  Large scale airplane video.

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