October 2016 Minutes


The October meeting of the North Dallas RC Club occurred on October 20th, 2016 at Valley View Christian Church. Club President Greg Pulcini called the meeting to order at 6:59PM.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the September meeting minutes as published. Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Greg Pulcini: Greg proposed a new meeting location: Frisco Public Library. Proposed to start meeting there in January 2017. General feedback of those in attendance was positive.

Greg asked the membership to think about the 2017 events calendar and to make sure that we had people for any event proposed. Proposed event calendar for 2017 will be presented at November meeting.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Dave Schaefer: Dave showed pictures of X15 Delta launch and “landing” at this year’s BlackRock event, pictures of the X2 on display, and of the presentation of “a little pot from Colorado” to Art Wagner

SECRETARY’S REPORT -- Patrick McNamara: In the absence of Dave Cotton, Patrick presented a summary of club accounts. A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the financial report. Approval passed by unanimous voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT -- Dave Cotton: Absent.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Bruce Lakatos: Current club membership stands at 184. Membership renewal starts in November.

FIELD REPORT -- Bob Edlet-Murphy: No report

Fishtrap road south of the field is closed due to a collapsed culvert. No idea when it will be fixed. Further updates as more information is available.

SAFETY REPORT -- Dave Schafer: No issues. Dave did implore the club membership to “not plug in electric planes while the plane is in your lap”.

SOUND REPORT – Billy Slater: No report

TRAINING – Dale O’ Daniel: Training is quiet at the moment.

RAFFLE -- Jacque Parker: Horizon F4U for 4Q prize.

CD REPORTS and EVENTS: Club youth day -- Youth day is October 22nd. Volunteers always appreciated. Event will run from 10A-2PM.

OLD BUSINESS: City is working on replacing culvert on Brewer and Fishtrap road.

NEW BUSINESS: No new business.

Business portion of meeting closed at 7:28PM


Presentation: None

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Annual Events


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Float Fly
Float Fly

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Warbirds Over TX
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Scout/Youth Days

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