November 2016 Minutes


The November meeting of the North Dallas RC Club occurred on November 17th, 2016 at Valley View Christian Church. Club President Greg Pulcini called the meeting to order at 7:04PM.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the October meeting minutes as published. Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Greg Pulcini: Club elections will be held at the December meeting. The NDRCC board put forth the following proposed slate of candidates for the 2017 officers and appointed positions.

President - Greg Pulcini

Vice President - Patrick McNamara

Secretary - Billy Slater

Treasurer - Dave Cotton

Membership - Bruce Lakatos

Field Coordinator - Bob Elder-Murphy


Appointed Positions:

Webmaster - Ken Sienski

Sound Monitor - Billy Slater

Training Coordinator - Open (Josh and Dale will still train)

Raffle Coordinator - Open (Rex may step up)

Safety - Open

The floor was opened for nominees from the membership. None were given. As such, the above candidates will be presented for a vote at the December 2016 meeting. Greg noted that we are still searching for a Training Coordinator and we would love a volunteer.

A proposal to change the format of the raffle, in order to reduce the effort required by the raffle coordinator and renew interest in the raffle, was presented. Proposal was to raffle a single larger prize each month, such as a “40” sized GP/EP arf, a “bind-n-fly”, or other such prize. This proposal is still being considered and will be open for further discussion during the December meeting.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Dave Schaefer: Dave gave a presentation on the AMA view of what constitutes an “airport”: The AMA definition includes any registered private airstrip, many of which are nothing more than a smooth grass field. There are three such airfields within five miles of Eagle field. The board will notify the owners of these fields in accordance with AMA guidance. The notification will consist of a letter based on the AMA notification template and a cover letter noting that this is purely to ensure compliance with the rules and that no further action is required by either party.

SECRETARY’S REPORT -- Patrick McNamara: Next January’s meeting will be the first to be held in the Frisco public library. The meeting is planned for Wednesday January 18th in the McCallum Room in the Frisco Public library. Registration for January date opens on Friday and notification will be sent to the membership once reservation of the room is confirmed. In the absence of Dave Cotton, Patrick presented a summary of club accounts. A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the financial report. Approval passed by unanimous voice vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT -- Dave Cotton: Absent.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Bruce Lakatos: Current club membership stands at 186. Reminder that in-person member ship via cash or check saves the club $8 in fees over online renewal using PayPal.

FIELD REPORT -- Bob Edlet-Murphy: Bob was absent. New windsock has been installed. Kudos to the grass keepers. The field continues to look excellent. In the past, there was discussion about placing fill dirt around the end of the culvert running under the runway. After discussion, the decision was made to not place any more dirt. However, the culvert and electric fence post in line with it will be painted orange for visual reference.

SAFETY REPORT -- Dave Schafer: No issues.

SOUND REPORT – Billy Slater: No issues

TRAINING – Dale O’ Daniel: Absent. Training continues to be quiet

RAFFLE -- Jacque Parker: Horizon F4U for 4Q prize.

CD REPORTS and EVENTS: Club youth day -- Youth day was held on October 22nd. Large number of Scouts in attendance. Event was a resounding success. Ft Worth Thunderbirds float fly was held recently and several NDRCC members were in attendance. The morning was nice. Storms rolled in in the afternoon.

OLD BUSINESS: No old business.

NEW BUSINESS: 2017 event calendar is still very open. The only confirmed, sanctioned event in Warbirds Over Texas for June 9th and 10th. Also planned are a spring and fall youth/Scouts day. One unsanctioned event has been confirmed for the calendar: Aerotow day on Monday Mar 13th.

With the club moving out of Valley View Christian Church, the board feels that it would be appropriate to present the church with a gift in appreciation of being such gracious hosts to the club. John’s suggestion was a donation the church capital fundraising effort currently underway. This was discussed with the membership and agreed upon. A motion was made to donate $250 to the church. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved on voice vote.

Business portion of meeting closed at 7:42PM


Presentation: None

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