March 2017 Minutes


The March meeting of the North Dallas RC Club occurred on Monday, March 20th, 2017 at Frisco Public Library. Club President Greg Pulcini called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the February meeting minutes as published. Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.

New Member: Bob VanDuyn

PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Greg Pulcini: The AMA insurance has been received. Aero Tow event was held earlier today but the high winds kept attendance down to three. Today's program is on drones and our interaction with FAA rules. We are looking for a Training Coordinator. Anyone interested should contact Greg. We will hold the normal monthly raffle as well as the quarterly raffle tonight. VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Patrick McNamara: Absent- No Report.

SECRETARY’S REPORT -- Billy Slater: No Report.

TREASURER’S REPORT -- Dave Cotton: Absent. Billy Slater present the Monthly Balance Sheet and had available for inspection the expense summary and bank statement. Dave had prepared these documents.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Bruce Lakatos: Bruce reported 186 members as of this date.

FIELD REPORT -- Bob Edler-Murphy: Bob reported that mowing will begin soon and that the field crew is looking forward to acquiring a second zero turn mower. One push mower will be disposed of in the next few months.

SAFETY REPORT -- Gerry Bishop: No incidents reported.

SOUND REPORT – Billy Slater: No report.

TRAINING – A coordinated is needed. Anyone interested please contact Greg Pulcini. Josh Kleen is working with one student.

RAFFLE -- Rex Lawrence: Josh Kleen won the Extra 300 quarterly prize.

CD REPORTS and EVENTS: Aero Tow event took place but high winds kept entries to three. Spectators heavily outnumbered entries. $25 was made. Youth Day is scheduled for April 15th. Bob Edlet-Murphy is working with Scouts to arrange this. Float Fly is scheduled for April 29th at Willow Bend Park (same site as Falcons float fly). Lunch will be provided for pilots. War Birds Over Texas will be held June 9-10. Ed Kettler gave a presentation about details of the event including expected expenses and revenue. Charles Schafer is recruiting volunteers to support the event.

OLD BUSINESS: The club is planning to purchase a second zero turn mower this spring- Greg Pulcini

NEW BUSINESS: Wayne Shuck presented a proposal to honor Charles Viosco for his past service to the NDRCC. Wayne’s proposal included up to $75 to purchase a plaque and the naming Charles a “Member Emeritus”. A motion was made and seconded to approve up to $75 for a plaque. Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote. The consensus was that no approval was needed to name Charles a Member Emeritus.

Business portion of meeting closed at approximately 8PM

SHOW AND TELL: No show and tell.

Presentation: Andy Van Vooren of Aero Hobbies and Lloyd Wright gave a presentation on drones and the effect of recent new FAA rules on the operation of our RC aircraft, helicopters and quadcopters.

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Annual Events


March 20, 2017  Eagle Field

Float Fly
Float Fly

    July 29, 2017     Willow Grove

Warbirds Over TX
Warbirds Over TX

June 9-10, 2017 Eagle Field

Scout/Youth Days
Scout/Youth Days

April 15 & Nov 11 Eagle Field