May 2017 Minutes


The May meeting of the North Dallas RC Club occurred on May 19th, 2017 at the Frisco Public Library.  Club President Greg Pulcini called the meeting to order at 7:01PM.

One new member, Larry Todd, was in attendance for the first time.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the April meeting minutes as published.  Approval passed by voice vote – with one dissent, as is tradition.

PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Greg Pulcini:  Nothing to report.  Greg noted the light attendance due to a number of club members attending Joe Nall.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Patrick McNamara:  Nothing significant to report.

SECRETARY’S REPORT – Billy Slater:  No report.  Billy was attending Joe Nall.  Patrick McNamara taking minutes.

TREASURER’S REPORT -- Dave Cotton:  Dave was in England.  Patrick provided a brief overview of the various bank statements.  Move to BTH Bank in progress – about half way complete.  A motion to approve financial report was made and seconded.  Financial report was approved by unanimous voice vote.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT -- Bruce Lakatos:  One new member since April meeting.  155 total members.

FIELD REPORT -- Bob Edler-Murphy:  Field in good shape.

SAFETY REPORT:  Patrick noted an unrestrained aircraft incident in the taxiway/pilot box area that resulted the in damage to another aircraft.  Please restrain your aircraft when on the taxiway and in the starting area.  Luckily no one was hurt.  Bob requested that anyone using a fire extinguisher let him know so that he can see that it gets recharged.  The only thing worse than a fire is a fire and an empty fire extinguisher.

SOUND REPORT – Billy Slater:  No report.  Billy was attending Joe Nall.  No known sound issues.

RAFFLE – Rex Lawrence:  Monthly drawing contained 6 items, including a 3 gallon air compressor and a 44” AT-6 Texan ARF.

TRAINING:  No report.  Still in search of a training coordinator.


War Birds Over Texas – Upcoming, June 9th and 10th.  Looking for pilots to participate.  Also is search of donations for raffle prizes.  Club will provide a receipt for all donations for tax purposes.  No pre registration this year.  On site registration is $35 for both days and $25 for Saturday only.  

Festival of Flight – NDRCC will have representatives at the 3rd Annual Festival of Flight, presented by The Colony Parks and Rec and The Tribute Lakeside Golf & Resort Community.  Members will be on hand with static display models and aircraft for flight demonstrations if conditions allow.

OLD BUSINESS:  New mower was delivered, much to Bob’s delight.  This second mower is a 60” Gravely and end up costing $4655.

NEW BUSINESS:  No new business.

Business portion of meeting closed at 7:19PM

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