July 2017 Minutes


The July meeting of the North Dallas RC Club occurred on July 19st  at Frisco Public Library.  Club  President Greg Pulcini called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the June  meeting minutes as published.  Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.

VISITORS/NEW MEMBERS –Two new membership

Milt Jordan – Southwest Airlines and former Air Force.

Jim Gordan – renewing member

PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Greg Pulcini:  Greg noted the upcoming NDRCC Float Fly on July 29th.  Still in need of a training coordinator.  Dale and Josh still actively training.  Greg reminded everyone not to leave crashed planes in the trash can and that all members can help by taking trash to our dumpster.  He also noted that we need to be sure to lock the outer and inner gates when last to leave.  Andy and Rex built new starting tables and they look great.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT -- Patrick McNamara:  

No formal report.  In search of programs for the second half of the year.  Jim Gordon stated that Chad Henning, former A-10 pilot, Dallas Cowboy, and now Christian motivational speaker could do a club program.  Patrick to follow up.

SECRETARY’S REPORT -- Billy Slater: 

Don Hafer sat in for Billy and took spectacular minutes for the first time in club history (as noted by Don).  No formal Secretary’s report.


Dave noted that we finally closed the BBVA checking account as of today (July 19th, 2017).  Dave is continuing to move money into 12 month CDs on a staggered schedule to earn some interest.

A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the monthly financial summary report.  Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.


Two new members.  Club membership at 167 , year to date.

FIELD REPORT -- Bob Edlet-Murphy:  

Bob took time out from packing to move to give his last field report.  The field is looking great.  Dale is leading the mowing buy needs assistance with weed eating.  A potential new field coordinator has been identified.  Notification will be sent to the club once Greg has confirmation.

SAFETY REPORT -- Gerry Bishop:  

No report.

SOUND REPORT – Billy Slater:

No report.  


Dale O’ Daniel still has students.  Patrick McNamara will update section on our web page that recommends what type of plane and equipment to purchase for someone getting started in the hobby.

RAFFLE -- Rex Lawrence:

Several nice prices were awarded in the monthly raffle including a “Crazy Wing” as the nights special prize.  The quarterly prize will be given away in September.


North Dallas Aeromodelers Swap meet in Denton – Aug 5th.

Fort Worth Thunderbirds Float Fly – Aug 5th.


Dale reminded the club that Lad will be selling most of his planes.  An inventory will be created and an auction is down the road.


Based on the discussion regarding gravel during the field report, a motion to purchase up to $2000 of gravel was made, seconded, and passed unanimously on voice vote.  Plan to wait for cooler weather.  Jim Gordan noted that he could provide access to a small “Bobcat” front end loader for spreading gravel.

Business portion of meeting closed at 7:35 PM


Rich Phillips brought two small float planes that he just finished rebuilding for the upcoming NDRCC float fly.


Presentation:  No program.

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