February 2019 Meeting Minutes

The February meeting of the North Dallas RC Club occurred on February 27, 2019 at the Frisco Public Library. Patrick McNamara in the absence of President Dave Schaefer called the meeting to order at
7:04 PM.

. A motion was made, and seconded, to approve January meeting minutes as amended. Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.

VISITORS – Scott Greenfield – New Member

PRESIDENT’S REPORT — Dave Schaefer: Patrick McNamara acted in Dave Schaefer’s absence. The FAA registration number must be on the outside of the model and can not be under hatches, etc. according to the latest note from the FAA. The club will not enforce this FAA requirement.

VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT — Patrick McNamara: AMA charter renewal for NDCC has been submitted to the AMA. March meeting will be held at the field since the Frisco meeting room is not available. The date is tentatively set to Saturday March 16th.

SECRETARY’S REPORT — Billy Slater: The FW Thunderbirds will host the SAE Aero Design event at their field Friday- Sunday March 8-10. This is a competition of design for weight lifting for student teams from all over the world. This is well worth attending.

TREASURER’S REPORT — Dave Cotton: Dave reported the financial condition as of the end of February . A motion was made, and seconded, to approve the financial report as presented. Approval passed unanimously, by voice vote.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT – Bruce Lakatos: Bruce reports 140 members as of the date of the meeting.

FIELD REPORT — Rodney Mcentire: No report.

SAFETY REPORT — Charles Schafer: No incidents reported.

SOUND REPORT – Billy Slater: All need to be aware that we may get new neighbors to the north and sound could become an issue. This is a reminder that we fly East of the runway. This restriction extents from the North horizon to the South horizon.

TRAINING – Rich Phillips: Caleb Fox graduated from the club training program and was awarded a graduation certificate.

RAFFLE –Olga Lawson-Andrews : A battery box and soldering kit were awarded as raffle prizes. A FMS P-51 will be the quarterly prize to be raffled in the March meeting.

CD REPORTS and EVENTS: A list of events for 2019 will be posted to the NDRCC website.


NEW BUSINESS: There was a discussion of proposed NDRCC Bylaw changes. These will be presented again at the March meeting and are set tentatively for a vote at the April meeting. Business portion of meeting closed at 8:10 PM

SHOW AND TELL: Charles Schaefer brought his new hex copter with a stabilized camera mount. Presentation: None

Program: None

New member, Caleb Fox, has completed his flight training, with NDRCC Training Coordinator Rich Phillips, and is now enjoying the RC hobby as a solo pilot. Congrats, Caleb!