Fee Schedule (Renew)

The current NDRCC dues and late renewal fees are listed below. Each category is defined by your age on July 1st of the renewal year.

YOUTH* (under 19) – $15 annual dues.
ADULT (19 to 64) – $125 annual dues, $25 late penalty if not paid before January 1st
SENIOR (65 and over) – $62.50 annual dues, $25 late penalty if not paid before January 1st
EXTRA Family* (any age) – $35 annual dues, no late penalty
ASSOCIATE (any age) – $60 annual dues, no initiation fee, must live more than 100 miles from Eagle field

The dues are reduced 50% for renewing members renewing after the month of June, but not the late penalty. Members that renew in November or December pay dues only for the following year which also grants flying privileges for the last two months of the current year with no late penalty.

*YOUTH or EXTRA Family members must pay the initiation fee the first year they renew as a member.

Lifetime memberships are also available at the following rates:

Life Adult (21 to 64) – $1,700 lifetime dues, no late penalty
Life Senior (65 and over) – $850 lifetime dues, no late penalty

You can join the club using an online registration ($3.00 convenience fee) or submit a hardcopy application by mail.  Simply select your option from the “Join” selection in the drop-down menu at the top of this page.