Finding All the Right Parts – Gerry Bishop

Airplanes and Chargers and Bright Colored Covering,

Engines and parts, and 3D for hovering,

These are a few of my favorite… websites!

By Gerry Bishop
NDRCC Safety Coordinator

We all like to visit the hobby shop but the reality is, I think, that most of us buy our airplanes, tools, and supplies online. Whatever it is it can be found online and then it can be found cheaper – online. The online companies have sales, and specials and offer ‘points’ and/or free shipping. Yes, the hobby shop visit is nice but….’do they have everything you need’ … probably not, but Amazon, Banggood, Ebay and hundreds of other online sites do!

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite websites. My experience with them have been good as to price, shipping, service and quality — of course, being online…the buyer better beware.

Callie Graphics – good graphics at a reasonable price. Large selection and they do custom work again at a reasonable price. Quick delivery through US Mail.

Servo City – Hitec and Futaba Servos at a fair price. Huge selection and quick shipping. Get on their e-mail list and 3 or 4 times per year they have specials like 15% off.

Gerry Bishop’s giant P-40 is a regular in the skies over NDRCC.

McMaster-Carr – They have EVERY nut, bolt, and screw you will ever need in every size you will ever need. I have also bought Viton fuel tubing from them. They have ALOT of stuff.

Value Hobby – This place has good batteries for cheap. Quick delivery. They also have some deals on airplanes but I have not purchased one (but have been very tempted).

Micro Fasteners – Another place for bolts, screws, and small tools. I do like their servo screws.

Electro Dynamics – High Quality switches, batteries, etc. A bit pricey but really good stuff.

Valley View RC – Great customer service. The place to go if you prefer not drilling your props. Good selection of merchandise. I just bought an engine and some fuel tanks from them.

Tower Hobbies – You know this place…..good gaggle airplane $100…. just add battery (3s, 2200mah from Value Hobby) and a receiver.

Well, those are a few of my favorite places and I have had good luck with them. I’d like to hear about some of your favorites!

Happy flying and BE SAFE OUT THERE!