NDRCC Member Classifieds

This is a self-service mechanism. When creating your ad, you will get a key (long string of characters) via email that is unique to your listing. You will need this key to edit and remove your listing. 

IMAGES – You may add up to four images to each listing. Each image may be up to 2400  pixels on the longest side and a file size up to 4mb. If you need to resize your image(s), there are many free image manipulation programs  on the web.  Image formats allowed are: .JPG – .JPEG – .PNG & .GIF. 

ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION – When using this tool, your name and your email address are required. Your name will be displayed on your ad. Your email address WILL NOT BE displayed. Confirmations and codes to edit or remove your ad, along with buyer contacts will be sent to your email address, so please use a valid email. NDRCC will not share, sell or otherwise disseminate your personal information from this form or from anywhere else on this web site.