The mission of our training program for members is to provide quality, structured, flight training by appointment, on any day or time when the member is available, using the member’s equipment or a club trainer. While there are no time limits established for achieving “solo” status, we believe that our members will benefit from an expedited training program. To help our members achieve this, we plan to maintain a list of at least seven experienced Club Flight Instructors and a Training Coordinator.

There are several documents available for download from this website to assist the training process.  They download link can be found under the “Training” selection in the drop-down menu at that top of this page.

The following document describes the NDRCC pilot training program:

Pilot training program

Members are requested to print copies of the following two documents that will be used when meeting with the CFI for each training sesssion:

Training Status Report

Training Checklist

The following document from AMA should be reviewed before a member starts training, it will be the agenda followed during your training:

RC Flight Training Outline